Submission of application

An application for energy licence the issuance of which is under the jurisdiction of the Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia is submitted by filling the General Form (Општи образац) ОО1 as well as the Special Form (Посебан образац) ПО depending on the type of energy activity for which the licence is to be issued. The defined documents are attached to the application form as well as the evidence on the payment of the republic administration fee.


The General Form - ОО1 as well as the Special Form - ПО represent the constituent part of the Rulebook on Licence for Carrying out Energy Activities and Certification („Official Gazette of RS“, No. 87/15).

The licence applicants are obliged to list the given data fully and with accuracy as it is defined in the General Form - ОО1 and in the Special Form – ПО which can be downloaded by clicking on the following links (all the documents are in MS Word 2003 format):

General Form - ОО1 - Application for Issuance of Licence for Carrying out Energy Licence (the applicant fills in the data from chapter I-IV)

Special Form – (ПО) for energy activities:
(unless energy licence is to be issued for energy activities marked under items 6, 7, 8, 12 and 13)
  1. Electricity production
  2. Combined power and heat production (Form ПО 2.1 и Form ПО 2.2)
  3. Electricity transmission and transmission system operation
  4. Electricity distribution and distribution system operation
  5. Electricity distribution and closed distribution system operation
  6. Electricity supply
  7. Wholesale electricity supply
  8. Organised electricity market operation
  9. Natural gas transmission and transmission system operation (Form ПО 6)
  10. Natural gas storage and storage operation (Form ПО 7)
  11. Natural gas distribution and distribution system operation (Form ПО 8)
  12. Natural gas supply
  13. Natural gas public supply
  14. Oil derivatives production (Form ПО 9)
  15. Oil transport via oil pipelines (Form ПО 10)
  16. Oil derivatives transport via product pipelines (Form ПО 11)
  17. Oil, oil derivatives and biofuels storage (Form ПО 12)
  18. Oil, oil derivatives, biofuels and compressed natural gas trade (Form ПО 13)
  19. Trade in fuels outside petrol stations (Form ПО 14)
  20. Filling reservoirs for liquid petroleum gas, compressed and liquefied natural gas (Form ПО 15)
  21. Trade in motor fuels and other fuels on petrol stations (Form ПО 16)
  22. Trade in fuels for watercrafts (Form ПО 17)
  23. Biofuels production (Form ПО 20)
  24. Bioliquids production (Form ПО 21)
  25. Blending biofuels with fuels of oil origin (Form ПО 22)

With the General Form ОО1 and the relevant Special Form (ПО), the applicant also submits the evidences on compliance with requirements for licence issuance which are prescribed by Art. 22 and 25 of the Energy Law and Art. 12-15 of the Rulebook.


The applicant is also obliged to submit a proof of payment of republic administrative fee to the Agency.

Notification to foreign legal entities submitting an application for the issuance of electricity wholesale supply licence

Foreign legal entities which have their headquarters located outside the Republic of Serbia and which apply for the issuance of electricity wholesale supply licence are hereby informed that, in line with the law, they are obliged to appoint an authorised person for notification purposes, in case the entity has not appointed their authorised person to represent them in the Republic of Serbia. In order to have more efficient and economical procedure for the issuance of a licence upon an application by a foreign legal entity, we would like to indicate that it is in the interest of an applicant to appoint a person authorised to receive notifications if they have not appointed a person authorised to represent them in the procedure they initiate.

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